Thursday, March 31, 2011

Past time...

Yes, it's past time to get my garden going. I am partially on my way. I've cleaned out the beds, have some Coco Peat in my wheelbarrow soaking and I have two grape tomato vines awaiting in pots.

I planted some asparagus bean seeds and one has started pushing up through the soil. I'm hoping for more. I decided to fill a number of pots with them this year as I really did like the few I managed to harvest last year. Some pest got hold of them before I ate too many. This year I'm going to be more vigilant and will get the creeps before they creep up on the plants.

I'm rotating my 'crops', too. Tomatoes will go where the beans were last year. No cantaloupes, squash or pumpkins though. They were too much trouble last year. I will be growing cucumbers though. I'm hoping that by cleaning out the beds and allowing for more sunlight around the trellises that I'll be successful.

I may try some lettuce. I have an extra raised bed this year so I'll need something new to grow in it.

Just thought I'd share that I'm slowly moving in the right direction. I'm behind in some ways given that I'm in Georgia.

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