Saturday, April 9, 2011

Figured out how to get my grass to grow...

I have a couple of acres of grass surrounded by woods. I call it grass but in reality it only looks like grass right after it has been mowed. Give it a day and the weeds explode. I can see the bare spots once the wind blows the cut grass away. When it rains the spots increase in size.

I'm not even sure what kind of grass I have. I think it's a combination of every kind of seed made as over the years I've tried the various mixtures that "will grow anywhere".

It finally struck me this year how I could grow grass.

I will plant flowers all through the yard.

I know, I know, it sounds crazy, but I am convinced it will work.

I had the epiphany as I was cleaning out my flower beds. I pulled up handful after handful of beautiful, lush grass. It was then that I realized I had been going about this grass-growing things backwards. Even in the worst soil, if I plant a flower and leave it, within days it will be surrounded by grass. It's the planting of the flowers. Grass likes flowers. It thrives on flowers. Either that or it just likes to aggravate me. But giving grass a mind is even crazier than my flower theory.

So, I recently came into possession of a ton of flower seeds. I'm going to plant them all through my yard and watch the grass grow! Sure, I know that every time the yard is mowed I'll be cutting down flowers. On the plus side, in those crazy months were you almost need to cut grass daily to keep it reasonable, maybe I'll have pretty flowers instead of just those old dandelions. And grass. I'll have beautiful grass.