Saturday, August 7, 2010

Love to garden... love to talk about my garden...

I'm an experimental gardener. I'm a novice. I'm having a lot of fun and figured I'd talk about my experiences a bit and maybe find someone who could help me on occasion with the questions that defy answers.

I'm located in Georgia (USA) and it's hot, hot, hot at times! Luckily I'm on a well so water hasn't been an issue for me, although who knows what's going on under the ground... Some of my friends are paying over $50 a month to water their gardens.

I'm on a five-acre piece of land populated with deer, squirrels, rabbits and seemingly an unknown number of bugs that just love my garden.

I grow organically but I'm getting a little frustrated as some of the pests defy everything I throw at them.

Maybe instead of the glib gardener I should be the frustrated gardener! Love gardening but there's nothing worse than walking outside to water only to find the cucumber vine just eaten up with that powdery mildew crud, or see little bored holes in young cantaloupes...

However, there's nothing in the world food-wise than fresh tomatoes out of your own garden, or the joy of sharing a bunch of cucumbers with friends!

More later, I really need to hop outside and kill a few bugs!

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